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Color Grading.0 is designed for speed. Combining 16 vastly different preset colors with the options to change all the basic details of the original, the options are endless. More updates are most definitely coming in the future and of course are included for free when you purchase the panel.

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This panel is available for use in Photoshop CC2015.5 to the present version (2018). If you have any problems, please contact me and I will get a working version for you right away!

I'm pretty new to coding, but I did this all myself, so I hope the hard work paid off!

Known Bugs: 
*After latest Photoshop update, panel doesn't size completely as it should. Doesn't effect usage of panel, but affects asthetics. Will be addressed in next minor update.

Color Grading.0

  • This panel does not allow refunds as it is an older version of my panels that once purchased cannot be disabled on my end if a user wants a refund. This would allow them to continue using the product after a refund was issued.

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