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  • Are these panels compatible with the latest version of Photoshop?
    Yes they are! They will work with Photoshop CC2015.5 up to the present. As updates in Photoshop roll in, making life easier, the panels may adopt new features/methods. Therefore, over time, they will not be backwards compatible back to CC2015.5, but will continue to grow as Photoshop grows.
  • Are these panels compatible with Mac, or PC?"
    Both! :D HOWEVER!!! : Due to the new Mac "M1" chip, in order to run this or any other legacy plugin, you'll need to use Rosetta, which means running Photoshop at a lesser speed (similar to an older version of Mac). I am working at understanding the code that now must be implemented for this to no longer be necessary, but it's very complicated and confusing, so I am searching for someone who understands certain aspects to help me out. Know any excellent coders who I can hire?
  • Are there any tutorials on the use of these panels?
    I have videos up on my youtube where you can go to check out the usage. Unfortunately I haven't had the true time to dedicate to a straight forward tutorial like my old ones for these. But for now there's a couple there, and a full live retouching with me explaining the usage.
  • How much do the updates cost?
    Nothing! :D When you purchase a panel, every update for that panel is free. If, however you're found to have aided in the piracy of either of the panels (Sharing your download link or sending the file in any way to another person), you'll be removed from the golden update circle of friends.
  • Can I create videos of me using your product?
    Absolutely! In fact I'd love it! You can even monetize your youtube videos that show the panel. I don't mind that at all.
  • How are the panels installed?
    In each digital purchase, you'll find a detailed instruction page. I've simplified the process so it's as easy as downloading the installer (and if you already had it, make sure it's up to date) and clicking and dragging it over.
  • Do these panels require the internet to use?
    These panels require the internet when opening photoshop. After photoshop is opened and the panel is running, the internet can be disconnected again without the panel disconnecting. When photoshop is restarted, the panel will, again require internet to do its initial load.

Sam S.

"Retouching.0 is the holy grail of retouching panels. The way the panel is laid out for all of us non-technical people is genius. It's helped speed up my workflow tremendously. Everything you will need to achieve a professional result is laid out in an aesthetically pleasing panel. From file setup to skin retouching to file saving. It’s seriously as easy as pushing a button."

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